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don't mind the ghost :iconstrawberrygiggles:StrawberryGiggles 3 0
Mature content
Louis Tomlinson's Build-a-Bitch (1D Larry Ageplay) :iconstrawberrygiggles:StrawberryGiggles 2 0
Mature content
Will Cause Puddles (Shameless bh6 omo) :iconstrawberrygiggles:StrawberryGiggles 6 8
Mature content
Potty Training Styles (OLD Harry 1D age play) :iconstrawberrygiggles:StrawberryGiggles 5 10
Baby Boy of Holmes Chapel (terrible Harry ageplay)
Harry Styles had never been more nervous in his life.
No, correct that. Harry Styles had never been more nervous - or angry at his mother - in his life. If his mother wanted him to commit social suicide, then she was going the right way about it.
"No one will notice, love." She had said, "You shy away during PE anyway, and it's not like anyone will see it. Besides... would you rather piss yourself again?"
No, but that was beside the point. So here he was. Harry Styles. 16 years old, in year eleven. Painfully nerdy by all means, plagued by bladder problems yes; but having to wear a nappy beneath his uniform was the icing on the cake.
"I really need to piss."
Niall commented as he walked, moving his hips from side to side.
The rest of the group - Liam, Zayn and Harry - eyed him as they moved down the corridor.
"Just use the toilet then?" Harry said timidly. He pointed at the busy double doors.
"I wouldn't, mate." Liam cut in. "I think it's locked. Louis Tomlinson's fault. Probably got
:iconstrawberrygiggles:StrawberryGiggles 9 3
Mature content
What goes in must come out! (Professor Layton omo) :iconstrawberrygiggles:StrawberryGiggles 10 24
Mature content
Casting Problems - 1D Ziam Omorashi fanfic (Liam) :iconstrawberrygiggles:StrawberryGiggles 11 20
Love is like a lip ring... (Calum/Luke 5sos ABDL)
Calum went wild for Luke's lip ring. It was hot. Whether it was catching on his lips during soft, messy kisses or slipping over his dick, or – like right now – he was just running the tip of his finger over it during before-bed cuddles, he loved it.
Luke giggled. “Baby. You're nudging Lukey's ring again.”
He blew out a tiny laugh at the innuendo, but Calum didn't seem to catch on.
Calum's lip stuck out in a concentrated pout, as he rubbed the cold edge of it with his finger, then trailed his finger messily to the red, sore patches blooming beneath it on his Daddy's lip. A frown creased over his face, and his eyes crinkled in confusion. “Daddy...”
“Yeah, Cal?”
Luke let Calum's hair slip through his fingers. Calum wriggled beneath Luke's touch, the freshly-changed nappy crinkling quietly and peeping through the edges of his sweatpants. Calum was silent again, before piping up with
“Your lip has an ouch.” and then falling back
:iconstrawberrygiggles:StrawberryGiggles 8 20
Mature content
Teeny-tiny Tomlinson! (ageplay prompt fanfic) :iconstrawberrygiggles:StrawberryGiggles 11 21
Mature content
Three Little Words - 1D Louis Omorashi! :iconstrawberrygiggles:StrawberryGiggles 14 7
Mature content
The Way It Was Meant To Be - Liam ageplay/omorashi :iconstrawberrygiggles:StrawberryGiggles 9 17
Homesick - baby!niall daddy!louis ageplay
Niall and I were sprawled out on the couch. It was Sunday, the perfect day for just lazing about and doing nothing; which is exactly what we did, even if our way of relaxing was a little different to the norm. I carded my finger through Niall's soft blonde hair, de-quiffed and flat. Niall was laying with his head on my chest, his fingertips in his mouth, and a crinkly disposable nappy pulled secure on his waist, so that whenever he made even the slightest fidget, the nappy would crinkle softly.  
“Are you having a nice day, Ni?” I asked him quietly. He suckled experimentally on his fingers and continued watching The Lego Movie for a moment before looking up.
“Yes.” Niall said.
I knew something was wrong almost right away. The childlike sparkle in Niall's eyes was gone and he was fidgeting slightly. He didn’t even meet my gaze.
“Niall.” I kissed him square on his head. “Lovely, what's wrong?”
Niall took a deep breath, b
:iconstrawberrygiggles:StrawberryGiggles 14 12
Mature content
The Princes And The Pee - 1D 16yo!Harry Omorashi :iconstrawberrygiggles:StrawberryGiggles 8 117
Post-Op Caring - 1D Niall ageplay
Niall had recently had his knee surgery and was laying on the couch with his knee propped up and trapped in a cast. This rendered the blond incapable of doing anything or at least that's what Niall thought, that the others thought. Never mind the fact that his body was still addled with anaesthesia, he wanted to do everything by himself. But the thought of someone else caring for him.. Was a thought he was warming to!
“Open up, Niall.” Liam was sat at the end of the couch with a bowl of creamy soup, and held out a spoon in front of Niall's mouth. The Irishman kept his mouth firmly shut
Niall grumbled. “Liam, I'm.. Mmm..” Temptation too much, he leaned in, took a mouthful of the soup and hummed as he swallowed. “I'm perfectly capable of looking after myself.”
“Yes,” Liam started, wiping a dribble off of the 20 year old's chin. “But you like being looked after.” He spoke pointedly, in an 'I-know-you-too-well' way. His eye
:iconstrawberrygiggles:StrawberryGiggles 16 40
'Badboy by day, baby by night' - 1D Harry ageplay
Harry was slumped against the wall of the tourbus with his hands covering his eyes and his head bowed down, lips parted as he breathed lowly. It was day who-knows-what of their long tour and as much as Harry loved it, he was fucking tired. Beyond exhausted. The darkening sky and the dim lights of the tourbus didn't help him much; but like it or not Harry wasn't going to sleep. It wasn't nothing too bad, just being so energetic for shows meant he was up all night and it was wrecking him.
Meanwhile, Louis was looking carefully across at his boyfriend. Oh, he was trying to sleep. Cute, the poor thing. He could just pull him into his arms and rock him to sleep.. Actually, that wasn't too bad an idea.. His own little babe.
"Tired, Harry?"
To Louis' amusement, his voice made Harry jump.
Harry jerked his head towards the voice, and came level with Louis. "Wha'? M' not tired Lou, piss off.." He murmured, rubbing his eyes.
"Yes you are," Louis said and actually pulled Harry int
:iconstrawberrygiggles:StrawberryGiggles 20 29
Mature content
The Doctor Will See You.. After He Pees: Zayn omo :iconstrawberrygiggles:StrawberryGiggles 21 73
deleted the journal rip

I have a new account!!! 

I am NOT giving out the account name publicly, I don't want this account to be linked to me. Note me if you want it (but I have noted and followed a few of you anyway. I think the people I am closest to on dA know - most of my watch list is deactivated/dead accounts!!!)

About six months ago, someone walked up to me at college and said that they knew who I was and knew about this account, told me what my name and icon was so they weren't bullshitting lol. There was never anything bad said about me or this account (it was filled with my NSFW stuff at the time) but this has still frightened me and so I don't want to be linked to this account as I move through life. Sweating a little...

I WILL still be using it for NSFW stuff, if you followed me for nsfw stuff then stick around!!! I will be moving all of my NSFW stuff back into my gallery and taking the vanilla stuff down for my new account. I know a lot of people loved my works and know this account well so I don't want to remove all the nsfw stuff in case people do like to go back and read them. Of course, most (if not all) of my fanfictions are posted on my AO3 account as well anyway. If you don't know what my AO3 account name is, note me.

Thank you. It has been a fabulous seven years on this account. Here's to a fabulous seven more ^_^

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